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Message posté par admin le 13 Dec 2009

We have a new layout for the name. And as you’ll noticed The layout says Nazanin Online. Slightly testing it out, but I think with my next layout I’ll go back to NB(dot)net. Cause I slightly feel I might confuse people with it and it’s the last thing I wanted to do. And since we have moved to a new server. Thing hasn’t really been up to date or working around the site. Hoping over my Christmas/Holiday/New Years vacation I can get the gallery up and running again. With new updates.

And if you’ll noticed there are some new, projects in the works. 24 the Tv series (in case anyone doesn’t know what it is), premieres Sun Jan 17th, at 9pm est time. And it’s a two night event, 4 hours premiere. And Nazanin posted on her twitter, she’ll be guest staring in two. And IMDB has another one listed. The dates they air were on as well so have those up. And even if you miss them, I will be sure to have them taped and up on the site for you to see.

Nazanin also posted about a new ABC show she did and episode for. Again details, her character and certain things about the show. where posted on But once i know about it, like when it airs and about the show I’ll post it. I’ll try my best to keep you the loop as I can.

And hopefully I can stay on top of the site. Sorry I have been, so distant from the site. I will try and not let that happened again. And i will let you know when the new gallery is online, as for now the old Gallery () is still online.