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Message posté par admin le 29 Jan 2011

Nazanin Boniadi may not be a big name, but she will be playing opposite one of the biggest cads on television. The former “General Hospital” actress will guest-star on “How I Met Your Mother” as a love interest for Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), CBS confirms.

Not much else is known about Boniadi’s character, Sarah, except that she’ll appear in multiple episodes.

Last October, “HIMYM” executive producer Craig Thomas told Show Tracker that the second half of this season will see Barney growing and maturing as he comes to terms with his father issues. “It’s not just Barney having schemes to meet ladies,” Thomas said. “We’re getting a little bit deeper into Barney’s back story, and Barney growing up a little bit and deciding part of that journey is to go find his father.”

As a result, Barney may also be reconsidering his position on love and marriage. “I think we’re going to see [Barney] come out of the season a little bit changed, a little bit grown up,” continued Thomas. “And I wouldn’t rule out Barney starting, as he now gets in his mid-30s, to at least think about what his future would be and would that include growing up enough to get married, or settle down, or anything like that. I think we’re going to see him start to think about those things.”

Could Sarah be a part of Barney’s new outlook on relationships? Or will she be the catalyst that brings Barney and Robin (Cobie Smulders) back together? Readers, sound off with your thoughts in the comments.