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Message posté par admin le 04 Aug 2011

Cobie Smulders fans take heart: How I Met Your Mother executive producer Craig Thomas says Season 7 is “very much a Robin season.” Thomas and fellow EP Carter Bays spilled some key intel to TVLine about the unexpected and “forbidden” romance that will spring up for Robin and a new character played by Kal Penn, the love hexagon (or perhaps pentagon) that will ensnare Barney, and the “dark secret” Marshall will uncover about his new employer (played by Martin Short). Plus, there’s scoop about the HIMYM role Conan O’Brien purchased in a charity auction. (Two word hint: Where’s Waldo.) Read on for all the juicy Season 7 details!

TVLine | Can you say when we’ll find out who Barney’s bride is?
I don’t want to say when, but I’ll tell you our season begins at that moment [from the season finale].
Bays: It’s the central mystery of the season. Someone has convinced Barney to put on a boutonniere and walk down the aisle. We’re going to find out who that is this year.

TVLine | Let’s talk about Barney, Nora and Robin.
When we begin Season 7, it starts with Robin trying to tamp down these feelings that are bubbling up about Barney again. Why should I have these feelings for Barney again? I should be happy for him? There’s this other girl he’s sort of pursuing. We pick right up on Nora, Barney and Robin. There is an element to this season of who’s Barney going to marry? There will be more than those two choices.
Bays: [The love triangle] will end up being a bit of a pentagon or hexagon.

TVLine | Is he going to have a few serious girlfriends? Or are they more like one-night stands?
There will be several choices. It’s a little bit of a Mamma Mia season. There’ll be several options of who Barney could be marrying.

TVLine | Is Barney very serious about Nora?
He’s pursuing her [in the premiere]. It’s a new Barney. It’s Barney on Step 1 of this new path. But ultimately, Robin has feelings for Barney. He has by no means made amends with Nora.
Bays: Nora’s going to take some work. It’s not going to be easy for him to get Nora.

TVLine | Is he aware that Robin’s got feelings for him again?
Not at all. Robin’s the only one who knows that. In the premiere, we see Lily spot that and try to get Robin to admit to it. Barney’s setting down this path away from Robin, and it’s making Robin really wistful. What will Robin do with that? Will she allow him to mature and go down that path? Or will she try to throw her ring in that a little bit too? It’s Robin wrestling with a big moral dilemma. Barney’s growing up, and it’s making her want Barney again. There’s some real fireworks between the two of them in November sweeps that we’re having so much fun writing. It’s really juicy.

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