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Message posté par admin le 10 Sep 2011

Barney’s evolution was also a major plot point last year. How will that continue?
CB: Last year we explored who Barney was and how he got this way. He decided that maybe he could settle down. It was about confronting your own demons … and letting yourself have that kind of happiness that comes with being fully committed to someone. It took Barney a while to get there, but now he is. So now we will see his pursuit of Nora. The door’s open a crack. But he’s going to have to work to make it happen.
CT: Barney dug a really deep hole with Nora last season. He completely screwed up with her and told her he was just trying to have sex with her. He has to redeem himself with her. So it’s a really mature pursuit of a woman for Barney. It’s a step forward for him.

And what should we assume about how Robin is taking Barney’s newfound willingness to change for love and chase Nora?

CB: She’s sitting off to the side kind of dying inside, dealing with the insanity of the fact that she has these feelings for Barney bubbling up in her. That’s where we meet Robin in the premiere. She’s trying to stuff those feelings back down. But she can’t.
CT: It’s a huge Robin season.
CB: Yeah, there’s a big journey for her this season. We try to distribute stories equally among the five, but going into last season we knew Marshall and Barney were going to have big [story lines]. Now Robin is going to do the same. There’s going to be stuff she’ll go through and learn about herself. It’s actually a seismic event for everyone when Lilly and Marshall announce they’re pregnant.

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